gialova view
In 1999 we came the first time to Gialova and from that time on we came back almost every year to this peaceful small village at the Peloponnese.

From that moment on we saw Gialova village grow; four golfcourses were built, new restaurants and shops came but the tranquil atmosphere of this village remained the same.


Gialova is that typical quiet tourist village where you don’t find highrise buildings, what is family friendly and where you don’t see the masses (yet) who normally engulf the Mediterranen nowadays. Restaurants in Gialova distinguish themselves with a tasteful ambiance which seems non-existent in the crowded villages like Koroni, Methoni and Finikounda nowadays.

At the end of 2014 we got the opportunity to buy this property and we started the renovation of the houses and garden.

At our property we produce our own olive oil and we have banana, fig, lemon, orange trees on the premises. It’s a ideal location for a small holiday, family gathering or celebrating where you can spend time together but also have your own privacy during your stay. We look forward to welcoming you here for a memorable holiday.